Our Further Work

The team have been busy over Spring, undertaking further technical work and further design analysis in response to stakeholder feedback.
Some of the further design work has now been submitted to the City Council and is available to view here.

This includes:

  • an ‘Urban Living Assessment’, which considers the proposed scheme against the guidance contained in local planning policy, specifically the Council’s adopted Urban Living Supplementary Planning Document.
  • a ‘Design Review Report’, which looks at the scheme design in finer detail.

Our ongoing technical work includes:

  • Discussions with Council officers (planning and technical teams) regarding the servicing strategy and the replacement of ‘employment’ (business use) at the site, and further discussions with the Environment Agency regarding the required drainage strategy. The team is also providing additional detail on land stability, contamination, and utilities.
  • Providing more detail on the design principles that underpin the architectural approach, and confirming the impact on trees along the river edge and any corresponding mitigation required (if any).
  • Viability Assessment – we have undertaken an assessment of the scheme’s viability, taking into account the significant constraints posed by the site. This has been independently reviewed by consultants Cushman & Wakefield, appointed by and on behalf of the City Council. We are now working with stakeholders and the City Council to establish the package of financial and other contributions that the proposed scheme will deliver.  This will also inform the final level of affordable housing and finer points of the energy strategy.

We are hoping to be able to submit amended plans to the City Council, potentially reflecting minor changes relating to the drainage strategy, access and servicing strategy and detailed architectural design, in August 2020, along with our fully updated Statement of Community Involvement.


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